Are YOU ready for NBA2K15?

NBA 2K15 PLAYSTATION 4Are YOU ready for NBA2K15?

The much anticipated release of the NBA 2K15 game has caused quite a buzz among gamers and basketball fans alike.  This is because the game promises to be more exciting compared to its predecessors as it has included numerous feature upgrades in terms of the visual presentation as well as the gameplay among other improvements. The game’s official release date is October 7 and also has new modes added to it while a number of features have been removed.  This new installment of the NBA 2K series is compatible with Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3. Unlike before where the makers of this game had cheaper versions that excluded certain features for PC users, the PC version of NBA 2K15 is expected to be the same as the versions made for Xbox and PlayStation.

Cover and Sound Track

One of the exciting things about the NBA 2K15 video game, is that it features renowned NBA star Kevin Durant, who plays for Oklahoma City Thunder on the Cover. Durant, an award winning basketball player has previously been on the cover of NBA 2K13. The sound track of this basketball video game promises gamers lots of fun and has been done by Pharrell Williams, an award winning artist and leading music producer.

Did you Pre-Order KV MVP Pack?

The NBA 2K15 video game is available for pre-order. The pre-order KV MVP pack includes a bonus track. Other features that are included in the pack are virtual currency amounting to 5,000 to spend in the game. You will also receive 2 MyTEAM card packs, rookie Kevin Durant or an international MyTEAM card as well as MyPLAYER leg sleeves that are inspired by 2k15 coverart

What features can I expect this year in NBA 2k15?

Among the notable features of the NBA 2K15 include the modes. To begin with, the Crew Mode is expected to make a comeback. Secondly, there will be a new mode that is known as MyLeague. This is perhaps a winning addition of this game. This mode is quite similar to the association mode in NBA 2K13 except that it has a lot of new improvements as the game seeks to reward its loyal fans through changes to the game such as the inclusion of marquee upgrades. It is also worth noting that fans will now have complete control of the league as well as its formatting. you will be able to shape your NBA team to your preference, while keeping in mind the divisional alignment as well as the teams that are in your league. In addition, basketball fans will be given the ability to use players they have created.

Visual Presentation

There are two major changes in the presentation of the game that are also unique. First, is the inclusion of Ernie Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal that are co-hosts of Inside the NBA. Although their actual involvement is still unknown, it promises to add a thrill. Secondly, the game has included more animated graphics to the mascot of each team that further gives the fans a live game experience.

If the trailer for #NBA2K15 video game is anything to go by, then gamers are in for a good treat from loads of slam dunks to slow motion replays, cheerleaders dance routine and camera sweeps across the pitch this game is simply exciting. There is no doubt that game will deliver the expectations of gamers and basketball lovers that are eagerly awaiting its October launch.


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