Going Viral Over The Internet!!

Going Viral Over The Internet!!

We’ve all heard the age old adage, “Treat your business like a business and it will make you money, treat your business like a hobby and it will cost you money. “If there is one key element to running a successful business, it’s advertising”. Without effective advertising, even the best business will have a hard time surviving. Can you imagine IBM or Ford trying to increase market share without a consistent advertising campaign? No CEO would approve a business plan that didn’t include consistent marketing.

Given the age we all live in, there’s nothing more crucial to the success of your business than advertising on the Internet. Let’s face it, the Internet has changed the very face of home-based business.  If you have an online business, website or Blog, you must figure out how to market your business to the billions of Internet users. If not, you might as well be building your business in a vacuum.


The unprecedented success of cyberspace relates to four main characteristics –

 1) Speed.

 2) Reach.

 3) Focus.

 4) Cost.

Where else can you reach billions of consumers so quickly and for such a small investment? Comparing Internet advertising to conventional means of advertising (TV, Radio, Newspaper) is like comparing a horse drawn buggy to a Ferrari. There really is no comparison.

By advertising on the Web, you can instantly reach people who are actively seeking what you have to offer. People who read the newspaper or watch TV are a passive audience and most consider the advertising to be a nuisance. Even if they were interested, they would need to stop what they’re doing to take action (make a phone call or visit a website). On the Internet, all they do is click a link and they’re instantly visiting your site.

The World Wide Web offers so many great opportunities for anyone and everyone, as long as you do your homework and think outside the box. Even if you’re just starting to ponder an online business venture, remember that advertising on the Internet is crucial to your business’s success. Millions of individuals are connected to the Internet at any given time from all around the globe. The web opens up doors and opportunities galore.

Almost every type of business owner advertises on the Internet these days. A perfect example is the amazing success of the low-budget film “The Blair Witch Project.” You probably didn’t really see this “reality” style horror flick advertised on TV. Instead, the student film makers who came up with the idea thought it would be wise to advertise on the Internet.

They did this by building a website that cost them next to nothing. They then started a Viral Marketing campaign to spread the word. Once the word got out, through movie trailers & clips, everyone was jumped on the Blair Witch bandwagon. No matter what you thought of the film, you have to admire the ingenuity behind this low-budget project that made millions and millions of dollars. This is just one example of how advertising on the Internet can be excellent for your business or website’s success. and this all happened before the advent of Blogs and YouTube. 

For those who have a website or Blog, one great way to earn serious residual income is by promoting affiliate sites via your websites and Blog. This way, you have a very low overhead (the affiliate company handle everything from website creation to products to shipping to paying commissions), very low risk, and the opportunity to leverage your time and money to generate serious residual income.


Advertising on the Internet can provide quick & massive growth for any legitimate home-based business. Just remember to choose your target audience wisely and focus your advertising on a very specific group. If not, you could waste a huge portion of your marketing budget on the wrong people. Picture someone trying to sell ice cubes to Eskimos.

Take the time to sit down and systematically come up with a game plan (business plan & marketing plan) for your business. Again, it comes down to treating your business like a business. All too often we see people attempting the “Shotgun Approach” of trying everything and focusing on nothing. This is a surefire way to max out your credit card with no guarantee of results.

A word of caution – Any form of advertising you choose should be the direct result of thorough research, careful planning, and due diligence. This time tested method of decision making has led to business success for centuries. Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything that you haven’t carefully and logically thought out.

The Internet and Viral Marketing can provide a great deal of exposure in record time. If you plan to succeed in your home business, be sure to leverage the speed and power of the Internet to your advantage!

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