What The Heck Is A Blog?

What The Heck Is A Blog?

Now that the holidays are quickly approaching us, we are beginning to “get into gear” to make it great year in 2013, many of us are planning a big marketing push for 2013. As you settle on a marketing plan for the new year, you should be asking yourself this crucial questions … What are the hottest tools being used by the most successful online marketers?

One of the best Internet marketing tools to really come of age in 2012 is The Blog. Thousands of companies and individuals, big and small, are now using blogs to expand their reach and warm up the very cold market known as The Internet. Many home business owners are asking the same question – What the heck is a blog?

A blog is a very clever marketing medium that reads more like a diary than a newsletter. An effective blog gives its readers a peek into the mind (and sometimes the daily life) of the blog’s author. A typical blog includes some combination of text, images, links, videos and advertising. The majority of blogs are mostly text based and are part of a wider phenomenon known as social networking (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)

Most blogs focus on a particular subject or industry … for instance there are popular sports blogs, travel blogs, movie blogs, political blogs, Internet blogs, entertainment blogs, and reality blogs. Many companies include their blog as a section of their main website.

Blogs can be personal or business related. Business or corporate blogs can be used to complement existing advertising, expand low-cost marketing options, and increase business exposure in the marketplace.

The most effective business blogs have regular entries, in most cases ranging from several times a week to several times a month. The entries are typically in reverse chronological order, with the newest entries appearing first. The blogger shares his/her thoughts on topics that are usually of importance to the particular industry he/she does business in.

A blog is a very effective and inexpensive way to reach your target audience. A well designed and well written blog increases your exposure because of 3 primary reasons:

Blogs reach a highly targeted audience of people who you know are interested in your business/industry.

Blogs make your site “sticky” – they are like a reality show that keeps your readers coming back to find out what’s happening next.

Blogs are a very effective place to advertise because you know you are reaching a very targeted audience.

Until now, the majority of the best corporate blogs have been credited to CEO’s of large corporations like Bill Marriott of the hotel chain, Bob Parsons of GoDaddy, Marc Cuban of the Dallas Mavericks professional basketball team, tennis star Anna Kournikova, and William Shatner of television and movie fame.

The challenge for most Internet marketers is they are not always inspired authors. Designing and writing a blog can be a major undertaking, both getting started and keeping it going. The famous bloggers listed above have mega resources available to them, including ghost writers and public relations departments, to assist them in writing and managing their blog.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of the amazing hi-tech blogging phenomenon, without investing 100s of hours and $1,000s of dollars, we invite you to GET ACCESS NOW!!


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