A Powerful Marketing Tool

A Powerful Marketing Tool

Most people fail in network marketing because they are not provided with a clear map,  a system to follow.  Without a proven successful system in place, many new network marketers can easily and quickly get discouraged.

8 out 10 people who sign up with a network marketing company stay less than a year.  Having an  effective power system can be helpful in addressing two important areas:

  1. A great system will help new members to achieve quick and consistent success.
  2. It can also aid in setting up the stage for continued growth and long-term retention.

A well planned system should be easy to follow, simple and duplicable.  Your new team members should know that the power of following a great system includes a fast way to get started.  The key to their success is plugging into and following the proven system.  If new team members are given a step-by-step, easy to understand system to follow, they are more likely to experience success from the beginning.

The networking industry has produced more millionaires than any other industry.

4 Essential Activities all new members should do:


Write them down. The goals should tangible, such as college fund, charity, a new home, financial freedom, etc.  Read them daily to help stay focus completing them .  Goals should include personal goals and personal growth.


The levels of commitment must match the levels of the goals, goals are meant to be adjusted.  Set aside specific hours each week for your new business, and commit to working your business within those hours.- NO EXCUSES, NO PROCASTIONATION.

Prospect List:

It is important for new members  to create a list of prospects whom they would like to present their

business opportunity to.  You will always be adding to your prospecting list, you will continue to meet

and network with others as your business develops. Be sure to follow up with them.

Identifying 5 to 6 people who would be positive, with a upbeat personality,  can be a way to get  new

members off to a fast start.

Finally, Get Started.

A great system usually comes with a variety tools that can include business presentations, live

conference calls, meetings, company brochures,  DVD’s, product training and much more.

One of the most powerful ways to elevate and establish your new member’s belief levels are by

generating their first check.  Proven results  makes a person realize the system works,  where the

check came from and that there’s plenty more waiting.  Re-enforce the validity of their goals.

Do you have A Powerful Marketing System? 


About jberryiv

I have been in networking marketing industry for the past few years. I am interested in helping and networking with others to succeed in their business. I have some great marketing tools to share, that are helping ordinary people to grow and succeed in today's network marketing industry. Please feel free to comment and share this information with others in and around the Network Marketing industry. To your success, jberryiv www.jberryiv.com jberryiv@gmail.com (334) 452-3779
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